AmericaSpace Launch Countdown

Next Launch Luch-5V on a Proton-M rocket from Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan scheduled for 28 Apr 14 4:25:00 GMT

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Launch Viewing Guide / Atlas-V AEHF Set For May 3rd Liftoff

United Launch Alliance always creates an attractive poster as a keepsake for every Atlas mission. Photo Credit: ULA

United Launch Alliance always creates an attractive poster as a keepsake for every Atlas mission. Photo Credit: ULA

United Launch Alliance is readying to launch the second Advanced Extreme High Frequency (AEHF) communications satellite for the USAF atop an Atlas-V rocket from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station Launch Complex 41 this Thursday.  The $1 billion [...]

How to Save a ‘Great Observatory’: Step Two - Launch into Space

The Gamma Ray Observatory (GRO) is positioned for deployment from Atlantis, 21 years ago this week. The observatory's heart-stopping first few hours would ultimately give way to one of the greatest missions ever undertaken in space science. Photo Credit: NASA

With the Gamma Ray Observatory (GRO), NASA hoped to dispel some of the pessimism [...]

ULA Launches Delta IV Medium With NROL-25

A United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket successfully carried its NRO payload to orbit at 4:12 p.m. PDT. Photo Credit: Pat Corkery / United Launch Alliance

The skies of Vandenberg Air Force Base in California trembled from the roar of a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Delta IV Medium+ 5, 2 rocket. The payload for [...]

SpaceX Forms Safety Advisory Panel for Commercial Crew

Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) has announced the formation of a safety advisory board to assess the company's human space flight efforts. Photo Credit: Alan Walters /

Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), the builder of the Falcon family of rockets and Dragon spacecraft, has announced the creation of a safety advisory panel for commercial, crewed [...]

Top Secret Radar Satellite Set for Vandenberg Liftoff

Artist’s concept of the new NRO imaging radar has large circular synthetic aperture radar antenna to focus energy on targets, and large solar arrays for high power to achieve high resolution. Photo Credit: Charles P. Vick GlobalSecurity.Org

A top secret National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) imaging radar reconnaissance satellite weighing 8 tons, is planned for [...]

China’s New Digital Imaging Satellites Boost PLA Recon

China’s first high resolution ZY-1 type digital imaging spacecraft is readied for launch December 22 at Taiyuan launch site. Photo Credit: China National Space Agency (CNSA)

Data from China’s two new “ZY-1” digital imaging spacecraft indicate the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) now has access to color high resolution electro optical satellite imagery.


FOR SALE: Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne

Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, the company that powered the space shuttle to orbit and who produces engines used in both the Atlas V as well as the Delta IV family of rockets – has been placed up for sale. Photo Credit: Julian Leek / Blue Sawtooth Studios

United Technologies Corporation (UTC) has announced that [...]

Shuttle Endeavour – Inside & Out


When I told folks that I would actually be going inside one of the space shuttles – they were surprised. They assumed that this was something that I had done long ago. Up until not too long ago – the shuttles were still taking wing and it was not easy to get to [...]

“Change in Velocity”: The Misfortune of Deke Slayton – Part 1

The front row of the Mercury Seven were directly involved in the misfortune of Deke Slayton (second left). During the run-up to John Glenn's (second right) mission, Slayton's heart murmur received public attention. Slayton's flight was eventually taken by Scott Carpenter (far right), to the annoyance of Slayton's own backup, Wally Schirra (far [...]

AmericaSpace Exclusive: Stunning Video From Recent MUOS-1 Launch

Excluding the “countdown” audio and music score during the second launch video – all the elements of this presentation were produced by AmericaSpace and its affiliates. Alan Walters, Mike Killian, Jason Rhian, Matt Gaetjens as well as Mike Barrett & Jeff Seibert with and Lloyd Behrendt with Blue Sawtooth Studios contributed to make [...]