AmericaSpace Launch Countdown

Next Launch SMAP on a Delta II 7320 rocket from Vandenberg AFB, CA
scheduled for:
31 Jan 15 14:20:42 GMT
31 Jan 15 6:20:42 PST
31 Jan 15 9:20:42 Eastern

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ATK Hosts GEM Tweetup

Image Credit: ATK

ATK will be hosting a “Tweetup” for a static test firing of the Utah-based company’s GEM-60 solid rocket booster. Registration is currently open and will close on Aug. 31. The test firing and Tweetup are scheduled to take place on Sept. 6. To register, interested individuals need to email by Friday.

GEM stands for Graphite-Epoxy-Motor and the GEM-60 is used on the United Launch Alliance (ULA) Delta IV family of launch vehicles. A Delta IV can utilize two or four of these 60-inch-diameter (1,500 mm) boosters.

The following was a paid advertisement from ATK.

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