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MUOS-1 Navy Communications Satellite / Atlas-V 551

MUOS-1 is the first in a series of satellites to be launched as part of the U.S. NAVY's Mobile User Objective System (MUOS). The next-generation tactical communications satellite system will dramatically improve ground communications to U.S. forces on the move worldwide, providing America's military with 10 times more communications capability over existing systems.


Visiting Space Shuttle Endeavour

Visiting shuttle Endeavour in OPF-2 at Kennedy Space Center March 7, 2012. Endeavour, also known as OV-105, is currently undergoing transition and retirement processing in preparation for display as a museum piece for the California Science Center in Los Angeles. Endeavour will make one final flight atop a NASA modified 747 Shuttle Carrier Aircraft in the fall of 2012, a one-way flight from Kennedy to LAX.

Payload Bay

Delta-IV Launches WSG-4 Military Communications Satellite

A United Launch Alliance Delta-IV launched the next generation military communications satellite WGS-4 into orbit on a perfect night Thursday January 19th 2012, right on time at 7:38pm EST.

Delta-IV WSG-4 (6).jpg

Mars Science Laboratory

NASA's Mars Science Laboratory launched on a one-way trip to the red planet atop an Atlas-V rocket Saturday November 26. The next generation rover, named Curiosity, will continue with science & exploration where her cousin's Spirit & Opportunity left off. MSL will touch down at the base of a 3-mile high mountain inside Gale Crater sometime in August 2012 to begin it's search for evidence that Mars was once a habitable thriving planet.

MSL Launches Towards The Red Planet 1

The Final Shuttle Mission / STS-135 Atlantis

Space shuttle Atlantis thundered into the history books Friday, July 8th 2011, closing out NASA's 30-year shuttle program with the STS-135 mission. The all-veteran crew of 4 astronauts delivered critical spare parts & tons of supplies to the International Space Station & delivered an experimental robotic refueling machine, in hopes it can be used to refuel satellites in orbit. Atlantis touched down back in Florida Thursday July 21st, ending America's shuttle program. Atlantis will be processed as a museum piece to be put on display at the KSC Visitor Complex in Florida...


GRAIL Launches To The Moon

The Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory, or GRAIL, mission is a part of NASA's Discovery Program. GRAIL launched atop a Delta II Heavy rocket Saturday September 10th & will fly twin spacecraft in tandem orbits around the moon for several months to measure its gravity field in unprecedented detail. The mission also will answer longstanding questions about Earth's moon and provide scientists a better understanding of how Earth and other rocky planets in the solar system formed.

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