AmericaSpace Launch Countdown

Next Launch ORB-3 on a Antares rocket from Wallops Island, VA
scheduled for:
27 Oct 14 22:44:00 GMT
27 Oct 14 18:44:00 EDT

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SLS Approved To Move To Preliminary Design Phase

NASA’s next-generation heavy-lift booster has been approved to move on to the preliminary design phase. Image Credit: NASA

NASA’s next heavy-lift launch booster, the Space Launch System (SLS) has completed a review by the space agency and will now enter into the preliminary design phase. This is big step toward the production of the [...]

NASA Selects Booster Proposals For SLS

NASA has selected six potential proposals for advanced booster designs that will be used on the space agency’s Space Launch System. Image Credit: NASA

NASA is working to make its new heavy-lift rocket, the Space Launch System or “SLS” dependable and inexpensive. To do this, the space agency has tapped six proposed booster designs [...]

SLS Marches Towards Hardware Production and Engine Validation

NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden (right) inspects J-2X hardware on the test stand at the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi. Photo Credit: NASA

When humans next chart a course beyond Earth orbit, setting sail for an asteroid, the moons of Mars or the Red Planet itself, they will do so atop the mammoth Space Launch [...]

Past-To-Future: NASA's Crawler-Transporters

NASA's crawler-transporters have been around since the Apollo era and are now being prepared for future missions. Photo Credit: Julian Leek/Blue Sawtooth Studios

We sent veteran aerospace photojournalist Julian Leek to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center on a tour of one of the massive crawler-transporters that have been used by the space agency to deliver [...]

On @ The 90: AmericaSpace's Presidential Endorsement

So, which of the presidential candidates does this space supporter back? The answer might suprise you… Photo Credit: Jason Rhian

Another election year, time for the “unbiased” media to give their endorsement to one candidate or another. After listening to both Presidential candidates’ comments and actions regarding space exploration, here is my “fair and [...]

Obama Visits Florida – But Not Space Coast

President Barack Obama waves to the media after attending a $30,000-a-plate fundraiser. Photo Credit: Julian Leek

ORLANDO, Fla – President Barack Obama visited the Sunshine State Thursday evening for a fund-raising dinner that cost $30,000 a plate. All total, Obama made four stops in Florida, including Miami and Orlando – but made no stops to [...]

On @ The 90: As “Soyuz Epoch” Becomes “Epic Fail” – NASA Needs Own Spacecraft

Given that the end of the space shuttle program was announced in 2004, it is well past the time when NASA should be flying astronauts on its own spacecraft. The fault, however, is not with NASA – but with the government. Image Credit: Jason Rhian

The “Soyuz Epoch” continues to go badly. Shortly after [...]

Opinion: “When Will We Go Back?” SEI, the VSE and the Hope for the Future

When will we have a clearly-defined objective to explore beyond low-Earth-orbit again? Image Credit: NASA

“Politicians,” astronaut John Young once said, “are a strange bunch of critters.” In its first half-century of life, NASA propelled humanity further than ever before: into space, to the Moon and to the farthest reaches of the Solar [...]

The Facebook Front - Constellation the clear choice of the masses

Some proponents of the lackluster Obama NASA proposal continue to criticize the growing number of experienced engineers and scientists, former astronauts (including Neil Armstrong, Eugene Cernan, and Jim Lovell among many), politicians, journalists, and former administrators who speak out against the cancellation of Constellation. The rationale? These people are voices of the past who have [...]

Obama Space Speech - We Do Not Have Lift-off

Time Magazine’s article, Obama Explains NASA Policy, Faces Space-Industry Critics is an interesting summary of the challenges facing the Obama Administration as it attempts clean-up the political and policy mess that is its “new” vision for NASA and America’s human space flight program.

AmericaSpace Notes: The President’s statement that we’ve already been to the Moon [...]