The Win-Lose of US-China Space Cooperation (China Wins; US Loses)

Would a partnership with China be beneficial to U.S. space efforts? Given recent alleged high-profile hacks of U.S. installations, the country’s poor human rights record, and a litany of other issues, the answer is probably “Bu.” Image Credit: NASA

Ten months after his first term inauguration, President Obama met with President Hu Jintao of […]

Secretive Space Plane’s Mission Extended

The United States Air Force has announced that it will extend the second flight of the Orbital Test Vehicle, known as USA-226. Photo Credit: USAF

The United States Air Force’s second flight of the X-37B – is headed into extra innings. Known as the Orbital Test Vehicle 2 (OTV-2) this robotic mini space shuttle […]

Evidence Builds For Chinese Mach 15 Spaceplane Test from 60 mi. Altitude

Cape Canaveral, Fla.- Details emerging from China indicate the Chinese have likely flight tested for the first time a secret 4 ton winged spaceplane that was rocketed into a 60 mi. high suborbital trajectory for test of reentry systems starting at Mach 15.

Continued successful development of the spaceplane could give the People’s Liberation Army […]