Opportunity Completes Cruise at Endeavour Crater

Opportunity has been studying the western rim of Endeavour Crater on Mars since the rover arrived there in August 2011. This crater spans 14 miles (22 kilometers) in diameter, or about the same area as the city of Seattle. This is more than 20 times wider than Victoria Crater, the largest impact crater that […]

While Curiosity Takes the Spotlight, Opportunity Keeps Working Backstage

This is one of the first images that the Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity took of itself upon touching down on the Red Planet. Photo Credit: NASA / JPL

Everyone is ecstatic that the newest Mars rover, the Mars Science Laboratory, or Curiosity, has landed safely and begun returning data, but that doesn’t mean […]

Tornados Threaten U. S., But Are Bigger on Mars and Gigantic on Sun


The deadly tornados prowling the Midwest and South are one of the planet’s most powerful type of storm. But tornados are far larger on Mars and so gigantic on the Sun that a dozen Earths could stack inside them (video above). Remarkably, magnetic tornados also soar above the planet Mercury.