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Launch of Falcon 9 with payload Echostar 23

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Launch of Echostar 23 on a Falcon 9 rocket from KSC,FL launch complex SLC-39A
Launch scheduled for 28 Feb 17 at 5:00 GMT
Local time 28 Feb 17 at 12:00am EST

SpaceX will return to flight at Cape Canaveral with a Falcon 9 rocket carrying the Echostar 23 communications satellite. The difference this time is that they will launch from Kennedy Space Center and not the Air Force Base.

The Falcon 9 will mark the inaugural flight from the repurposed Space Shuttle launch pad SLC-39A which SpaceX is leasing from NASA. There will not be a booster landing attempt for this mission.

The Echostar 23 satellite will provide satellite TV services to Brazil.
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