Why Do We Want to Have a Space Program?

AmericaSpace Note: The following remarks were delivered by former NASA Administrator Dr. Mike Griffin on 6 September 2012 for the inaugural lecture of Georgia Tech’s Gebhardt Lecture. It is used with permission by Dr. Griffin.

Michael D. Griffin Chairman & CEO Schafer Corporation 6 September 2012

Good afternoon. I am truly honored to have […]

Caveats On Space Plan Can't Be Ignored

In another insightful article that shows why Florida Today really takes its space journalism seriously, John Kelly talks about some of the inconsistencies that have been revealed through Congressional hearings over the Augustine Committee’s analysis of Constellation in Caveats on space plan can’t be ignored

Kelly talks about the rigorous analysis the Augustine Committee treated […]

Augustine Report – Obama White House Didn’t Follow It

Dr. Edward Crawley

At the IEEE/AIAA confrence in Big Sky, Montana, Dr. Edward Crawley, MIT Professor and former member of the Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee, a.k.a. the Augustine Committee, presented to the audience the Augustine Committee’s activities, research and thought processes as it reached its findings. Dr. Crawley did a […]