Rocketdyne's President Speaks Up

NASA Must Initiate Transition Plan for Heavy Lift Maser Says

“We don’t want to see any Constellation contracts canceled until we have a transition plan and can transition the skill set. We think the worst thing for the industry would be if all these contracts were canceled and then there was a pause of 12 […]

DOD Studying Rocket Motor Sustainment

According to AviationWeek’s Amy Butler, as reported in, DOD Studying Rocket Motor Sustainment, the Pentagon is participating in an interagency integrated team convened to explore how best to sustain the rocket motor industrial base — a mandate made all the more urgent given NASA’s planned cancellation of the Constellation program, according to Brett Lambert, the […]

Western Representatives Want Constellation

Representative Bishop Opposes Constellation Cuts

Rep. Bishop (R-UT)

In Rep Bishop fighting defense job cuts, Utah Congressional Rep. Bishop makes a strong case for not terminating the Constellation human space flight program. His district includes ATK, which is building the first stage of the Ares I booster. In his interview with the editorial board […]