SOFIA Intercepts Titan's Shadow Off Australia, Returns Home From 7-Week South Pacific Campaign

NASA’s SOFIA 747 flying observatory intercepted the shadow of Saturn’s moon Titan on July 18, 2018, during a rare occultation where Saturn’s largest moon passed in front of a star, giving researchers an opportunity to research its atmosphere. Photo Credit: NASA

With NASA’s Cassini mission now history, humanity no longer has a front-row seat […]

'Cauliflower' Silica Formations on Mars: Evidence of Ancient Life?

Image of “cauliflower” silica formations found by the Spirit rover in 2008 near Home Plate in Gusev crater. Do they hold clues to ancient life on Mars? Photo Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Was there ever life on Mars? That is one of the longest-running and most debated questions in planetary science, and while there have been […]