Governor Charlie Crist Statement On President Obama’s NASA Policy

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist

In a statement by Florida Governor Charlie Crist, Governor Charlie Crist Statement On President Obama’s NASA Policy, he makes it clear that he is not happy with President Obama’s new plans for ending NASA’s human space flight program.

And he shouldn’t be. We’re still in the Great Recession, unemployment is above 9.7% nationally, and with the President’s space plans, NASA will loose 7,000 jobs, perhaps gain 1,500 from the commercial space folks, which means a net loss of 5,500 highly skilled jobs will leave Florida, never mind the dislocation that will occur to those families as they try to find new work.

But more importantly for the nation, with the President’s plan to end NASA’s human space flight program will go very highly skilled aerospace jobs that are important to our nation’s aerospace industrial base. In all honesty, I doubt very much that those in the White House even thought-thru this aspect of their change when they had the audacity to hope that things would just work out…

When it comes to NASA and our nation’s space exploration programs, President Obama needs to provide more than just a photo-op to ensure that America remains a leader in space innovation.

(Via Charlie Crist For Senate.)

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