Obama Revisits The Space Coast

2008 Obama Space Speech

FloridaToday is reporting in Obama To Talk Space In Florida Visit, that President Obama will be returning to the Space Coast on April 15 to talk about his vision of the future of the space program.

That the President is going to the Space Coast to speak of America’s space program says a lot. It is likely a recognition that the current proposed 2011 NASA Budget is meeting fierce resistance.

When then-candidate Obama visited Titusville, Florida on August 2, 2008, he made many promises about America’s space program. In his next visit to the Space Coast, we are very confident that the President will as before make many promises to the space community.

It is our hope that the promises both then and to come will result in a NASA Budget that is a reflection of those promises. NASA’s current proposed budget for 2011 certainly can not be envisaged from the President’s past statements about his support for a strong American space program. It is the opinion of this blog that the President has been ill-served by those who recommended the current proposed 2011 NASA Budget and its associated policy changes, which were so poorly conceived and executed.

AmericaSpace will make every effort to LiveBlog this event.

Until then, in honor of the President’s forthcoming trip, AmericaSpace brings you a video, compliments of BarackObamaDotCom, of the President’s first visit to the Space Coast. As one watches it, one might recall the old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

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  1. Here’s the deal… The government cannot force companies to move to brevard county. And why should they? Unless manufacturing or refurbishment is happening in brevard county, there is no need to have a large full-time force. Shuttle had the amount of people it had because of the complexity of shuttle and refurbishment of the RSRM. Private companies will not up and leave California or move all their manufacturing to brevard county to support the loss of jobs. Plus, KSC isn’t ready to support the technology programs because they are not Goddard or Langley! The only way to keep KSC flourishing is with a new government rocket program. Yes, it won’t have the amount of jobs that STS had but it will still keep a number of people employed.

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