Mike Killian

Mike Killian

Killian is a full-time aerospace photojournalist covering both the United States space program as well as military and civilian aviation, specializing in space launch and air-to-air photography. As Managing Editor of AmericaSpace he's responsible for handing out assignments, accrediting staff to cover events, editing articles for publishing and oversees the day to day content produced for the site, as well as handling the daily content published across AmericaSpace's social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter.

Over the years his assignments have brought him onboard NASA's space shuttles, in clean rooms with spacecraft destined for other worlds, front row for launches of historic missions and on numerous civilian and military flight assignments such as intercepting the solar eclipse on Aug 21, 2017.

When not working, the California-native enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, storm chasing, producing time-lapses and shooting landscape and night sky imagery. And flying of course...

You can find Killian on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.