For space explorers

For space explorers

Jeff Seibert

Videography - Specializing in Remote Launch Video Production

Jeff Seibert has had a deep interest in space ever since he first watched the Echo 1A satellite circling the Earth in May 1960. Now, fast forward half a century.

In 2010, Jeff began working with Wired4Space, and eventually became part of the AmericaSpace team not long after. He has since covered 100+ launches with his collection of timer triggered remote video cameras that he sets up at the launch pad prior to each liftoff. Thing is, he sets them as close to the launch pads as is allowed, so the imagery proves quite stunning. Jeff build his own camera triggers too, troubleshoots, tests and gets it all working himself!

His videos are meant to provide viewers with content from locations and perspectives that are available nowhere else, and he hopes that they will help to spark people’s curiosity and imagination.

Subscribe to AmericaSpace on Youtube to see some of his work, and be notified when new videos are available.

AmericaSpace is lucky to have him!

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