Video - 'Where Were You When Curiosity Landed on Mars?'


Video courtesy of NASA

Here is a video produced by NASA that highlights the space agency’s social (and social media) efforts. The video asks the question – “Where were you when Curiosity landed on Mars?”

Video - 'We're NASA and We Know It!'


Video courtesy of Satire

When the twin Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity landed on the Red Planet back in 2004 a clueless MTV commentator made a derisive comment about the jubilant scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, Calif. Now, eight years later, JPL has done […]

Opinion: Curiosity's Success Spotlights Obama's Failure

With the safe arrival of Curiosity to the Red Planet a rather poorly-worded congratulatory letter highlights a truth that the Obama White House would have been better-served if it was forgotten. Curiosity illustration courtesy of NASA/JPL. Photo Credit: Jason Rhian

With the landing of the Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity last week, one thing […]

Curiosity's Landing: The View From Inside (the Press Hall)

The Sky Crane lowering Curiosity to the surface of Mars. It was the most complicated landing system NASA’s used for a planetary mission. Image Credit: NASA/JPL

We’ve all seen the “7 minutes of Terror” video. It’s exciting and it brilliantly captures just how complicated the one-ton Curiosity rover’s landing system is. What the video […]

Patriotic Haircut Turns Curiosity Flight Controller Into Internet Sensation

One of these here is not like the others… Bobak Ferdowsi’s “USA” mohawk, festooned with stripes of red and blue and completed by stars shaved in the sides of his head has turned the JPL flight engineer into an internet celebrity. Photo Credit: NASA

The world was watching with baited breath as a one-ton […]