Paul Scott Anderson

Writer / Planetary Science & Astronomy

Paul Scott Anderson is a freelance writer with a life-long passion for space exploration and astronomy. His interest began in childhood, when he saw Carl Sagan's Cosmos for the first time on TV.

Mike Barrett

Launch Tracker / Live Coverage / Website Support

Mike was raised on a diet of Star Trek and Lost in Space, and graduated to the works of Isaac Asimov. He was glued to his old black and white TV during the 1960s for the Apollo missions watching history unfold from 6,000 miles away.

Ben Evans

Senior Writer - Specializes in Human Spaceflight & Launch Coverage

Fascinated by space since childhood, Ben Evans published his first article in the British Interplanetary Society's magazine, Spaceflight, in 1992. He was also written extensively for the magazines Countdown and Astronomy Now.

Mike Killian

Mg. Editor

Mike is a full-time aerospace photojournalist covering U.S. space programs and military/civilian aviation, with a focus on rocket launch and air-to-air flying photography.

Jeff Seibert

Videography - Specializing in Remote Launch Video Production

Jeff Seibert has had a deep interest in space ever since he first watched the Echo 1A satellite circling the Earth in May 1960.

Alan Walters

Head Photographer / Specializing in Remote Camera Launch Imagery

Alan Walters has been a photographer for about a decade. In the beginning he shot primarily pictures of wildlife. Living close to Kennedy Space Center and the adjacent Cape Canaveral Air Force Station brought a different type of flying creature to Alan’s attention – rockets.

Jim Hillhouse

Founder & Editor-In-Chief

In 2009, Jim and a couple of friends started AmericaSpace as a place for aerospace topics to be presented in non-aerospace terms.

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