China Launches Remote-Sensing Satellite

Photo Credit: Xinhua / Liu Chan

According to Chinese Media, the Yaogan XVI remote-sensing satellite was successfully launched today from Jiuquan Launch Center in China at 4:06 a.m. GMT. The satellite was launched atop a Long March-4C from the launch complex located in China’s Gansu Province.

The Yaogan XVI satellite is an Earth observation […]

Chinese Army Recon Readied As Civil Mapping Satellite

Graphic image of the nearly 1.5 ton Chinese/CBERS Ziyuan (ZY 3) imaging spacecraft shows imaging sensors on bottom of satellite. Photo Credit: IMPE

China is beginning final preparations for the planned early January launch of its Ziyuan 3 (ZY 3) spacecraft, the highest resolution electro optical dual use civil/military mapping satellite ever flown by […]