Cheeseburgers and Techno-Turkeys: The Troubled Childhood of Hubble

An odyssey of exploration began on 25 April 1990, when Steve Hawley gingerly pulled Discovery's robot arm away from the Hubble Space Telescope. Photo Credit: NASA

More than two decades ago, this very week, one of the most important missions in the annals of scientific discovery got underway with the launch of NASA’s […]

The Eighth Wonder: A Telescope for Mr Hubble

From its conception, the Hubble Space Telescope was intended to peer deeper into the cosmos than ever before, exploring the origins and evolution of the Universe. In few other places are these origins better illustrated than through stellar 'nurseries', like this one, eerily illuminated by the intense bright blue blaze of young, […]

BAE Systems Tests F-35 Ejection Seat

F-35 Ejection Seat Test, Photo Credit: BAE Systems

According to a press release, BAE Systems tested an ejection seat for the F-35 Lightning II aircraft at Martin Baker’s facility at Chalgrove Airfield in Oxfordshire. Over 30 tests have been conducted on the seat in the United States, France, […]