Wackiest Missions That Never Happened (or Ended Badly)

The Titan Mare Explorer was proposed to be the first interplanetary “boat” to sail the methane seas of Titan. Like so many missions proposed and considered by NASA, it wasn’t to be. Image Credit: NASA

For every triumph, such as the Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity, there are […]

Cheap Non-Space Parts Doomed Phobos Mission


Lavochkin technicians watch 13 ton Phobos spacecraft with sample return system on top and landing gear extended at middle descend into test chamber in Moscow. Photo Credit: NPO Lavochkin.

A catastrophic computer crash caused by space radiation penetrating non space qualified components caused the failure of the Russian Phobos Sample Return mission […]

Opinion: A Roar, a Whimper and a Grunt: Russia’s Ill-Fated Love Affair with Mars

Many are saying that Phobos-Grunt failure marks the final sunset of Russia's Mars aspirations. Photo Credit: NASA/JPL/Texas A&M/Cornell

As Russia’s ill-fated Phobos-Grunt mission plunged Earthward and burned in the dense atmosphere, high above the eastern Pacific, near the coast of Chile, its demise was another brutal reminder that space exploration is neither […]

Phobos-Grunt Reenters Earth's Atmosphere Continuing Long Line of Russian Mars Failures


Video courtesy of NMANewsDirect

The Russian Phobos-Grunt probe which was carrying tons of toxic fuel – has returned to Earth. The spacecraft was supposed to land on Phobos, one of two Martian moons (the other is named Deimos). It also has earned the dubious distinction of being the largest and […]