Morpheus Moving Forward Not Starting Over


Video courtesy of NASA

NASA has released the following video that highlighted the loss of the space agency’s Morpheus lander. This prototype vehicle began testing at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Texas but was recently moved to Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It was at KSC’s Shuttle Landing Facility where the lander […]

The 'God of Dreams' Rises at Kennedy Space Center

Seen here in the right of this image, Jon Olansen, JSC Morpheus Project Manager details how the Morpheus lander was developed. Photo Credit: Alan Walters /

The stuff of dreams arrived at Kennedy Space Center this week. The Morpheus project flew in from Texas to conduct test flights of its special new […]

A Visit With Morpheus

I was lucky enough yesterday to have a chance for an up-close and personal visit with Morpheus. Morpheus grew out of the efforts of Project M and stands with its own list of accomplishments. The Morpheus testbed, done in cooperation with Armadillo Aerospace, is providing an avenue through which the development of future landers, […]