Iran Readies May 23 Military Recon Satellite Launch To Monitor Israel

Iranian flag waves at the launch pad where a 72 ft. tall Safir launch vehicle is mounted. Iran has launched three spacecraft since 2009. Photo Credit: FARS

Iran is poised for the imminent launch of a Safir rocket carrying the Defense Ministry’s Fajr imaging satellite to begin tests of increasingly advanced spacecraft […]

Military Angles Assessed After New Iranian Booster/Satellite Mission


Before dawn on Feb. 3 Iran launched its new “Navid” imaging spacecraft into orbit using a Safir booster that can easily be converted into a Medium Range Ballistic Missile (MRBM). Israeli intelligence, the U.S. Strategic Command and CIA analysts are performing assessments of the rocket and satellite.


Iran Set to Launch Large New Rocket, Repeat Fatal Monkey Mission

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad examines cutaway version of space monkey capsule like that to be used with backup monkey replacing the animal that was killed in 2011. Photo Credit: Fars

Iran is poised to begin a surge in space launch activity that will also include the first test of the large new space booster […]

Secret Iranian Rocket Failure Dooms Space Monkey – Iran’s President Praises Recon Sat Development

Monkeys are shown in the relatively crude and uncomfortable containers where they were to be launched and housed in space. Only one monkey was flown on the fatal flight. Photo Credit: ISNA

Iran is feeling the national impact of a major space program failure, the death of a Rhesus research monkey during Iran’s […]