Into The Black: NASA’s Secret Space Shuttle Missions

This is the first in a five-part series that will cover the secret space shuttle missions that NASA conducted. Photo Credit: NASA

The Secret History of NASA’s Middle Child: Part 1: An Open Secret

With the recent groundbreaking at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, the final […]

Flying With World Advanced Aerobatics Champion Rob Holland

Mike Killian flying front seat with World Champion Aerobatics pilot Rob Holland over Cocoa Beach FL. Photo Credit: Rob Holland Ultimate Airshows

“FLY IT LIKE YOU STOLE IT”. Those were the words printed on a sticker staring me in the face as I was strapped into the front seat of Rob Holland’s Veteran […]

“Miracle on the Hudson” Plane to Arrive at Museum Today

"Miracle on the Hudson" Plane in Charleston, WV; AP Photo/The Daily Mail, Robert M. Wojcieszak

While driving down the interstate this week, I noticed people standing on an overhead bridge. I assumed it was some event or tourist location and proceeded on my way without giving it another […]