New Year's Greeting from Crew of International Space Station


Video courtesy of NASA

Well wishes for the New Year came from all points across the globe, as well as above it. The Expedition 34 crew, some 260 miles above the surface of the Earth, beamed down New Year wishes to the inhabitants below. The Expedition’s Commander, Kevin Ford, and crewmates Chris […]

Curiosity's New Year's Times Square Greeting


Video courtesy of JPL News

NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory rover Curiosity has beamed back New Year’s well-wishes from its dusty vantage point on the surface of the Red Planet. Curiosity arrived on Mars in August and has spent the past few months learning more about whether or not Mars could […]

Happy New Year from AmericaSpace!

AmericaSpace had an incredible year in 2012 and it was all thanks to our amazing viewers. Thank you so much for your support and interest! Photo Credit: Alan Walters /