Why Do We Want to Have a Space Program?

AmericaSpace Note: The following remarks were delivered by former NASA Administrator Dr. Mike Griffin on 6 September 2012 for the inaugural lecture of Georgia Tech’s Gebhardt Lecture. It is used with permission by Dr. Griffin.

Michael D. Griffin Chairman & CEO Schafer Corporation 6 September 2012

Good afternoon. I am truly honored to have […]

How To Spend $6 Billion?

Perhaps the most interesting comment in last week’s Senate Science Committee on Assessing Commercial Space Capabilities came when Chairman Senator Bill Nelson asked Malcolm Peterson, former NASA Comptroller whether the $6 billion that the Administration has suggested as funding to help commercial launchers human-rate their launchers could be used to accelerate development of […]

Opinion: The End of Human Spaceflight?

There are jobs and then there are jobs. As far as they go, I happen to have a great one; comfortably paid, good benefits, terrific projects and I work with the smartest, most dedicated team of people on or off the planet. I say off because I’m part of a team that does dangerous things […]