Boeing's CST-100 Completes Interface Test at NASA's Johnson Space Center

Boeing’s CST-100 spacecraft has successfully completed a pivotal integration test at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston. This image of NASA astronaut Randy Bresnik in front of the spacecraft was taken in July of this year during a fit check of the capsule. Photo Credit: NASA / Robert Markowitz

Boeing recently tested systems […]

A Look Inside the CST-100

Interior view of Boeing’s CST-100 crew capsule. Image Credit: NASA/Robert Markowitz

NASA and Boeing engineers have just started going through the painstaking and meticulous process of evaluating and tweaking the interior of the CST-100 to make sure the ergonomics and design will suit the real-world needs of the astronauts inside. The main purpose […]

Atlas V's Upper Stage Passes Milestone Toward Flying Astronauts

Photo Credit: Alan Walters /

United Launch Alliance (ULA) has successfully completed a Preliminary Design Review (PDR) to prepare the Colorado-based company’s Atlas V rocket for use to send astronauts to orbit in commercially developed and built spacecraft. This review dealt with the initial development testing of the Dual Engine Centaur (DEC) […]