'Poyekhali!' Remembering Our First Space Voyager (Part 1)

Clad in his orange space suit, Yuri Gagain appears pensive in this image recorded during his journey to the launch pad on 12 April 1961. Photo Credit: Roscomos

In the early hours of 11 April 1961—more than five decades ago—an enormous booster trundled humanity’s first manned spacecraft to its launch site in a […]

New Light Through Old Windows: The Truth Behind Yuri Gagarin's Death

In April 1961, Yuri Gagarin became the most famous man in the world. Less than seven years later, he was dead, killed in an avoidable tragedy, the precise details of which have taken decades to emerge. Photo Credit: Roscosmos

Last week’s announcement that “the truth” had finally emerged about the mysterious death of […]