45th Space Wing's Commander: 'Yes, We Are Still Launching Rockets!'

The commander of the 45th Space Wing, Brigadier General Anthony Cotton, addresses members of the press who attended a media day held by the 45th Space Wing. The media day was held to highlight the heavy workload that the men and women of the Eastern Range have in sending various payloads to orbit. […]

NASA: Sky Falling With Senate Space Compromise

According to an article in the Orlando Sentinel by Mark Mathews and Bobby Block, commercial space supporters within NASA, a group soon-to-be under survival, if not other, pressures, are worried that the Senate’s compromise space bill will only put NASA back on the same so-called “unsustainable” path it was on with Constellation.

“Days before […]

Live Blog - House Appropriations Science Subcommittee Hearing March 23, 2010

Hearing Part 1

The Hearing for the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Commerce, Justice, Science and Related Agencies.

AmericaSpace Note: We’ll be posting hearing video after its over.

AmericaSpace Note 2: We decided to use the hearing recess to upload the first part of the hearing. This is a large file.

AmericaSpace Note 3: […]