Dream Chaser Back On Track for Free Flight Tests by End of the Year

Sierra Nevada Corporation’s Dream Chaser space plane. Photo Credit: SNC

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC), the company developing the Dream Chaser spaceflight vehicle, is back on track to conduct a series of Approach and Landing tests (ALT) after the government shutdown halted work at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center in California earlier this month. […]

NASA Warned About Possible Violation

NASA’s Langley Research Center joins NASA’s Ames Research Center in Congress’ security cross-hairs. In a March 4th letter to NASA Administrator Bolden, House Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations Subcommittee Chairman Frank Wolf notified NASA that it might be in violation of law in allowing officials from China to attend the Committee on Earth Observation […]

NASA Ends the Year With Progress on SLS and Orion

NASA’s Orion capsule is one way to becoming a flight-worthy spacecraft. Photo Credit: Jason Rhian

NASA’s had some trials and triumphs lately developing its next generation spaceflight system. In the last month, an Orion spacecraft cracked during pressure testing and a Space Launch System (SLS) rocket flew supersonically—at least, a model managed a […]

SpaceX Mission Presents A 'One-Shot' Deal For NASA Boat Crews

Capt. John Jacobs of the NASA vessel Liberty Star talks about the specialized equipment aboard both the ships including the Freedom Star where he talks about a giant clamshell capsule that captures thermal and high-definition visuals of the space launch from the stern of the ship. Photo Credit: Rich Beauchesne, Chief Photographer, Portsmouth […]

NASA & Companies Unveil Breakthrough In Spacecraft Welding Process

Really interesting article by the Huntsville Times’ Lee Roop, NASA, companies unveil breakthrough spacecraft welding process about an event yesterday held at Marshall Space Flight Center to announce a new process of making domes, or common bulkheads, that cuts both cost and weight by 25%.

The process is called spin-forming and it replaces the previous […]