Blue Origin's NS-18 Boldly Goes, Delivers Shatner, Crewmates to Threshold of Space

@BlueOrigin has launched its 2nd crew of humans from the West Texas desert to the edge of space, including 90yr-old Star Trek legend William Shatner. […]

Record-Setting New Shepard Launches Postcards, Lunar Landing Tech, Art to Edge of Space

@BlueOrigin’s 4th New Shepard of 2021 launched lunar landing tech, postcards & inspiring artwork to the edge of space early Thursday. […]

New Shepard Lifts Siblings, Youngest, Oldest Space Travelers Above Kármán Line

@BlueOrigin succeeded Tuesday in launching 4 humans beyond the 62-mile (100-km) “Kármán Line” atop New Shepard booster. […]