Some Late Changes: Remembering Discovery's Space Station Mission, 20 Years On

20 years ago today, shuttle Discovery flew to the @Space_Station, on a mission packed with science, spacewalking and supplies. […]

'To Train a Mission': 15 Years Since STS-105 (Part 1)

Fifteen years have now passed since STS-105 exchanged crews and supplies at the International Space Station (ISS). Photo Credit: NASA

Fifteen years ago, this month, 10 astronauts and cosmonauts from the United States and Russia celebrated 1,000 days of orbital operations for the International Space Station (ISS). In August 2001, Shuttle Discovery’s STS-105 […]

Hardware Movement and Reconfiguration to Highlight Space Station Operations in 2015 (Part 2)

Eighteen astronauts and cosmonauts from six sovereign nations will occupy the International Space Station (ISS) during 2015, delivered by means of Russia’s proven Soyuz spacecraft. Photo Credit: NASA

As many people on Planet Earth struggled with ferocious hangovers on the morning of 1 January 2015, the incumbent Expedition 42 crew of the International […]