Deputy Administrator to Leave NASA

NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver. Photo Credit: NASA

It is reported on several space news sites that NASA Deputy Administrator Lori Garver will be leaving NASA in early September and will be taking up a position with the Airline Pilots Association. Some might wonder why NASA’s Deputy Administrator would leave at this time, and her […]

NASA: Sky Falling With Senate Space Compromise

According to an article in the Orlando Sentinel by Mark Mathews and Bobby Block, commercial space supporters within NASA, a group soon-to-be under survival, if not other, pressures, are worried that the Senate’s compromise space bill will only put NASA back on the same so-called “unsustainable” path it was on with Constellation.

“Days before […]

Space Coast Panelists Criticize President’s NASA Plans

Andrew Knapp

Florida Today’s space guru reporter Todd Halvorson, in his article, Panelists Criticize Space Plan, has a great breakdown of the problems facing the President should he decide to demonstrate a profile in courage and return to the Space Coast.

“President Barack Obama is in for a chilly reception when he visits […]