Plesetsk to Host Friday Launch of ESA's Swarm Magnetic Field Monitoring Mission

A tailor-made dispenser aboard the Briz-KM upper stage will deliver all three Swarm satellites into orbit simultaneously. Image Credit: ESA

After many delays, the European Space Agency (ESA) is ready to launch its long-awaited Swarm mission into orbit at 4:02 p.m. Moscow Time (12:02 p.m. GMT) Friday, 22 November. The projected four-year mission […]

NASA Announces New CubeSat Mission Candidates

Artist’s rendition of Montana State University’s Explorer-1 [Prime] CubeSat. Image Credit: Montana State University, Space Science and Engineering Laboratory

A Merritt Island, Fla., high school, multiple universities, a handful of non-profit organizations, and several NASA field centers have been selected to fly a series of 24 miniature CubeSat missions in 2014–16. The tiny […]