Space Shirts Announces Winner of T-Shirt Design Contest

From left to right, Space Shirts owner Brenda Mulberry, Out-of-This-World T-Shirt Design Contest winner Jerry Forney, and AmericaSpace Editor Jason Rhian. Forney’s “Think Space” design perfectly summed up the contest’s requirements, chief of which was to generate interest in the space program. Photo Credit: Julian Leek / Blue Sawtooth


Think You Have an Out-of-This-World T-Shirt Design Concept? Space Shirts Wants to See It!

Photo Credit: Mike Howard / Cocoa Beach Photography

Enter our t-shirt design contest by sending us artwork you think would promote space exploration, its evolution and or the future of the world in outer space. And you could win an Apple iPAD or a Cash Prize.


Visiting the “Three Sisters” Discovery, Atlantis & Endeavour


CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla – Starting at 5 a.m. EDT, my day began early. I drove across the state to Kennedy Space Center, I was excited to meet with an old friend – her name is Endeavour. By the time my day was over – I would unexpectantly meet two other “old friends.”