For space explorers

For space explorers

Ben Evans

Senior Writer - Specializes in Human Spaceflight & Launch Coverage

Ben Evans gained a bachelor’s degree in ancient history and archaeology from the University of Birmingham, England, in 1999 and a postgraduate certification in education, also from the University of Birmingham, in 2001. Fascinated by space since childhood, he published his first article in the British Interplanetary Society’s magazine, Spaceflight, in 1992. He was also written extensively for the magazines Countdown and Astronomy Now.

Evans has written nine books for Springer-Praxis: NASA’s Voyager Missions (2003), Space Shuttle Columbia (2005), Space Shuttle Challenger (2006) and a six-volume series to commemorate the first 50 years of human space exploration. These were Escaping the Bonds of Earth (2009), Foothold in the Heavens (2010), At Home in Space (2011), Tragedy and Triumph in Orbit (2012), Partnership in Space (2013) and The Twenty-First Century in Space (due for publication later in 2014). The first volume of this series, Escaping the Bonds of Earth, was nominated by the American Astronomical Society for its annual Emme Award in Astronautical Literature in 2010.

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