Why Do We Want to Have a Space Program?

AmericaSpace Note: The following remarks were delivered by former NASA Administrator Dr. Mike Griffin on 6 September 2012 for the inaugural lecture of Georgia Tech’s Gebhardt Lecture. It is used with permission by Dr. Griffin.

Michael D. Griffin Chairman & CEO Schafer Corporation 6 September 2012

Good afternoon. I am truly honored to have […]

Obama Doesn't Get It; Space Is The Final Frontier

Plain Talk By Al Neuharth, USA TODAY Founder

KENNEDY SPACE CENTER, Fla. — President Obama in effect pulled the plug on our space program in a speech here Thursday, although he masked it with some vague long-term suggestions. The late president John F. Kennedy must have turned over in his grave. JFK launched the moon […]

In Space, No One Hears You Flip-Flop

2008 Obama Space Speech

In what is probably one of the most succinct pieces about the multiple transformation regarding space policy by Obama, Eric Steiner lays out the nonsense from the reality in his op-ed article, Sterner: In space, no one hears you flip-flop

From the very first paragraph, Sterner pulls no punches but […]