Atlas V Stands Ready to Loft Classified OTV-3 Mini-Shuttle

The X-37B’s deployable solar array enables it to ‘loiter’ in low-Earth orbit for far longer than the Shuttle could ever achieve. With two missions behind it—the first of which lasted 224 days, the second 469—it remains to be seen how long OTV-3 will remain aloft. Image Credit: Boeing Phantom Works

After several delays, […]

Top Secret KH-11 Spysat Design Revealed By NRO’s Twin Telescope Gift to NASA

Graphic characterizes the off track imaging capability of the NRO KH-11 Reconnaissance spacecraft. Image Credit:

The design of the legendary National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) KH-11 type digital imaging reconnaissance spacecraft, top secret for 36 years, has been revealed by the NRO’s transfer to NASA of two surplus recon satellite telescopes which NASA […]

China’s New Digital Imaging Satellites Boost PLA Recon

China’s first high resolution ZY-1 type digital imaging spacecraft is readied for launch December 22 at Taiyuan launch site. Photo Credit: China National Space Agency (CNSA)

Data from China’s two new “ZY-1” digital imaging spacecraft indicate the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) now has access to color high resolution electro optical satellite imagery.


Robert H. Widmer, Father of Military Aircraft, Passes Away

Robert H. Widmer, one of America’s greatest military aircraft designers, has passed-away. His credits included the B-58 Hustler, the first supersonic, high-altitude bomber; the F-111, the first swing-wing supersonic attack aircraft; the F-16; it rewrote fighter design; and the cruise missile. And that is only what we in the public know about. Given Widmer’s […]

DARPA Releases Request for Information for the 100 Year Starship Study

DARPA Press Release,May 05, 2011

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has released a request for Information (RFI) to solicit ideas and information to support its 100 Year Starship Study™ program. The 100 Year StarshipStudy is a project seeded by DARPA to develop a viable and sustainable model for persistent, long-term, private-sector investment into […]

DiscRotor Concept: the Future of Search and Rescue?

DiscRotor Concept, Photo Credit: DARPA

Although this may be old news to some, it is worth revisiting at a time when new helicopter concepts are generating increased research funding. In 2008, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced its plans to award the Boeing Company a Phase […]