Top Secret KH-11 Spysat Design Revealed By NRO’s Twin Telescope Gift to NASA

Graphic characterizes the off track imaging capability of the NRO KH-11 Reconnaissance spacecraft. Image Credit:

The design of the legendary National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) KH-11 type digital imaging reconnaissance spacecraft, top secret for 36 years, has been revealed by the NRO’s transfer to NASA of two surplus recon satellite telescopes which NASA […]

Honor Flag Flown on Final Shuttle Mission at Funeral of Slain Deputy

The honor flag which flew on the final space shuttle mission, STS-135, aboard shuttle Atlantis, was at the funeral of slain Brevard County Sheriff's Office deputy Barbara Ann Pill. Pill was shot and killed during a traffic stop of two alleged suspects. Photo Credit: Julian Leek

When a launch occurs, all eyes focus […]

Surging Chinese Espionage Targets U. S. Space Components

Chinese Fengyun-2 spin stabilized geosynchronous orbit weather satellite is placed in its Long March faring at the Xichang launch site in January 2012. Photo Credit: China Defense

The FBI is pursuing a growing number of Chinese agents trying to obtain and smuggle U. S. space system components into China for use in […]