Buried in the Deep: Could Water Ice Deposits on the Moon Generate Their Own Organic Compounds?

A high-definition image of the Earth rising above the Moon’s south pole, taken from Japan’s Kaguya lunar orbiter in 2007. Permanently shadowed craters near the lunar polar regions have been found to harbor water ice deposits and organic compounds. Could these organics be composed in-situ inside the bottoms of these craters? Image Credit: […]

LRO Retraces Apollo 8's Footsteps


Video courtesy of NASA

It had been a bad year for the United States. The U.S. was fighting the unpopular Vietnam War. Back on the home front, both Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. were assassinated. Then, just before the end of the year NASA pulled ahead of Russia in the […]

Lunar Mining Data Sought, As LRO Finds Lost Moon Rover


Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter sensor detects south polar temperature differences during the day (left) and at night where some areas were found to be nearly -400F below zero–colder than measured so far on Pluto. Photo Credit: NASA

The first extraterrestrial mining project will be announced today as part of a new commercial space […]

Russian Space Mystery Solved, Spacecraft Found Toppled On Moon

Graphic illustrates the planned mission of Luna 23. Use large sampling arm to drill into surface then swing the sample up to fill Earth reentry vehicle for ascent stage blastoff back to Earth. Photo Credit: Lavochkin

A nearly 40-year-old mystery about a major Soviet Moon mission failure has been solved by the NASA […]