A Brief History of Spaceplanes

Spaceplanes are not a new concept, having been thought up years before the space age even began. Image Credit: NASA

A spaceplane is quite simply a vehicle that can fly as both an airplane in the atmosphere—generating lift from its wings—and as a spacecraft in a vacuum using rocket propulsion. No spaceplane has […]

Jetstream Collectibles Working To Promote Shuttle History

Jetstream Collectibles is starting to work with several astronauts to produce replicas that are mission-specific. Image Credit: Jetstream/RTM

Many people when asked about the space shuttle program will say that they are always amazed at the beauty and power of the launches and the graceful nature of the landings. Try throwing them a […]

New Era of 'X' Dawns

The X-37B is set to land at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California this January. Photo Credit: USAF

They are at the very edge of current U.S. technological capabilities; one is a supposedly mothballed technology test-bed, the other a super-secret space plane that is currently on orbit – but set to land soon. […]

New Life For NASA’s Grounded X-34?

David Axe has posted an interesting piece on Wired’s Danger Room, Grounded NASA Space Plane Poised for Comeback? about the X-34 possibly being resurrected.

Last week, NASA contractors moved the two, 59-foot-long X-34s from open storage to a test pilot school in California’s Mojave Desert. There, workers from Orbital Sciences, the X-34’s original builder, […]