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Worldview-4 Credit ULA

Launch of Atlas V 401 with payload WorldView 4

Video courtesy of ULA

Mission Live Updates
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Launch of WorldView 4 on a Atlas V 401 rocket from Vandenberg AFB, CA launch complex SLC-3
Launch scheduled for 26 Sep 16 at 18:30 GMT
Local time 26 Sep 16 at 11:30am PDT

United Launch Alliance will launch an Atlas V rocket carrying the WorldView-4 spacecraft for DigitalGlobe. The launch will take place from Space Launch Complex at Vandenberg Air Force Station, Ca. during a 14 minute window.

The rocket will launch in the 401 configuration with a single core booster, a 4 metre payload fairing, no solid rocket boosters and a single Centaur upper stage.

WorldView-4, a multispectral, high-resolution commercial imaging satellite owned and operated by DigitalGlobe, will help customers around the world see more of our changing planet. The satellite was built by Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company and will provide 31-centimeter panchromatic resolution and 1.24-meter multispectral resolution—the same resolution offered by the WorldView-3 satellite. This industry-leading resolution provides the sharpest view of vital details on the ground, to give customers confidence when making critical decisions.
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