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OSIRIS-REx at Bennu Credit NASA

Launch of Atlas V 411 with payload OSIRIS REx

Video courtesy of NASA

Mission Live Updates
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Launch of OSIRIS REx on a Atlas V 411 rocket from Cape Canaveral AFB, FL launch complex LC-41
Launch scheduled for 8 Sep 16 at 23:05 GMT
Local time 8 Sep 16 at 7:05pm EDT

An Atlas V rocket from United Launch Alliance will launch NASA's OSIRIS REx spacecraft from Launch complex 41 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida.

The Atlas V will fly in the 411 configuration with a core booster, a single strap-on solid rocket booster, a centaur upper stage and a 4 metre payload fairing.

The OSIRIS REx mission is NASA's first flight to visit an asteroid and return sample materials. The mission is planned to last 7 years for space operations with an additional 2 years of sample analysis.

The spacecraft will spend just under 2 years travelling to the Asteroid Bennu, then another 2 years examining the asteroid and sampling the surface before departing and returning to re-enter Earth's atmosphere.
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