Director Mike Coats Updates The Johnson Space Center Troops

Earlier today NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden and Deputy Administrator Lori Garver announced the Fiscal Year 2011 budget proposal program office assignments. These assignments are an important step for NASA and the Johnson Space Center in shaping our future. However, Congress still needs to approve these assignments as part of the Fiscal Year 2011 budget cycle.


Jeff Hanley Updates Constellation Team

Jeff Hanley

Greetings all – it has been a challenging few weeks for all, so I felt it important that I give you some insight into where we’ve come and where we are heading in the midst of this transitional period.

First, I will commit to you to step up the comm here through […]

NASA Administrator Wrong On Altair Work?

We got an update on work done for the Altair Lunar Lander program after this person, who works on Altair, heard his own NASA Administrator misconstrue to true state of that program:

The Altair project is funded through the end of the fiscal year and the team has repeatedly been instructed to continue their work […]