Director Mike Coats Updates The Johnson Space Center Troops

Mike_Coats.pngEarlier today NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden and Deputy Administrator Lori Garver announced the Fiscal Year 2011 budget proposal program office assignments. These assignments are an important step for NASA and the Johnson Space Center in shaping our future. However, Congress still needs to approve these assignments as part of the Fiscal Year 2011 budget cycle.

The specific program office assignments for JSC include the following:

    Flagship Technology Demonstration Program (FTDP) Program Office

    Commercial Crew Development Program (CCDP) Deputy Program Manager and Commercial Cargo Augmentation

    Human Research Program

    Extended International Space Station Utilization

More information on each of these programs can be accessed at

Our outstanding civil service/contractor workforce, facilities, and world class competencies demonstrate that JSC is clearly and uniquely qualified to lead and support these programs on behalf of the Agency. The specific missions, demonstrations and technology development in all of the exploration programs, which have not yet been determined, will involve collaboration among the Centers (and industry, academia, and International Partners) and JSC will participate significantly in all of them.

I am pleased that we at JSC are recognized for our leadership capabilities in human spaceflight, specifically: program and project management; expertise in systems engineering of human spaceflight including design, development, and testing of spacecraft and components ; all aspects of operations and training; technology development and demonstration; human health; environmental monitoring; astromaterials analysis and curation; and domestic and international partnership development.

Our next steps include further understanding and planning for these specific assignments at JSC, including refinement of workforce, budget, and acquisition implications. I intend to work closely with civil service and contractor senior managers, other Center Directors, and NASA Headquarters throughout these next phases of this process. I will continue to share with you what I know as new opportunities evolve for our Center.


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