A Sick Crew and A Sick Ship: The Trials of Skylab 3 (Part 4)

Skylab 3 and astronauts Al Bean, Owen Garriott, and Jack Lousma returned safely to Earth on 25 September 1973, after 59 days in orbit. Yet for the first quarter of their mission, the exact duration of their flight remained open to question. Photo Credit: NASA

Forty years ago this summer, America’s first space […]

'With Flying Colours': The Revival of Skylab

With a cry of “We can fix anything,” the first crew heads toward Skylab on 25 May 1973. Since the launch pad was originally configured for the enormous Saturn V rocket, the smaller Saturn IB required a “pedestal” to raise its stages to the appropriate level for umbilicals and other utilities. Photo Credit: […]

“Life is a Dance”: The Changing Fortunes of Skylab 3

Skylab, as seen by the crew of the second visiting mission in the late summer of 1973. Theirs would snatch success from the jaws of defeat, when a problem with the Apollo spacecraft threatened to bring the mission to a premature end. Photo Credit: NASA

When Gregory Peck starred in a movie called […]