SpaceX Delivers Starlinks, SkySats to Orbit, as Falcon 9 Sets New Records

@SpaceX & @PlanetLabs lofted 61 satellites to orbit on Wednesday morning, atop the first six-times-flown #Falcon9 rocket. […]

NASA Announces New CubeSat Mission Candidates

Artist’s rendition of Montana State University’s Explorer-1 [Prime] CubeSat. Image Credit: Montana State University, Space Science and Engineering Laboratory

A Merritt Island, Fla., high school, multiple universities, a handful of non-profit organizations, and several NASA field centers have been selected to fly a series of 24 miniature CubeSat missions in 2014–16. The tiny […]

Live Blog Notice – Assessing Commercial Space Capabilities

For those of you who cannot tune-into the webcast of the Senate Science & Transportation Committee’s hearing on Assessing Commercial Space Capabilities, which is being held today at 2:30 PM EDST, we will be live-blogging this event.

In the meantime, here’s the witness panel:

Lieutenant General Thomas P. Stafford United States Air Force, (Ret.) Astronaut […]

SpaceX Rocket to Carry Loral Satellite

Credit: SpaceX

Chalk-up a big catch for the new guys. As reported in the Wall Street Journal by Andy Pasztor (subscription required), SpaceX Rocket to Carry Loral Satellite. Even better, SpaceX beat the Russians and French on price.

As for the first test-flight of Falcon 9, “Most likely, some set of unexpected things […]

ATK Success on NASA’s Constellation Program

Check out this great video of the successful milestones that ATK has made on Ares I, ATK Progress on NASA’s Constellation Program. Constellation’s Ares I launcher is making great progress, which makes the Administration’s efforts to end Constellation so…just other-worldly.


Space Coast Panelists Criticize President’s NASA Plans

Andrew Knapp

Florida Today’s space guru reporter Todd Halvorson, in his article, Panelists Criticize Space Plan, has a great breakdown of the problems facing the President should he decide to demonstrate a profile in courage and return to the Space Coast.

“President Barack Obama is in for a chilly reception when he visits […]

Augustine Report – Obama White House Didn’t Follow It

Dr. Edward Crawley

At the IEEE/AIAA confrence in Big Sky, Montana, Dr. Edward Crawley, MIT Professor and former member of the Review of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee, a.k.a. the Augustine Committee, presented to the audience the Augustine Committee’s activities, research and thought processes as it reached its findings. Dr. Crawley did […]

Space Lies, Damned Lies, & Statistics

Paint falling off of Falcon 9

In an article in the L.A. Times, A lot is riding on SpaceX rocket, it was reported,

“The average space shuttle flight costs about $1 billion, he said. Flights from SpaceX will run around $100 million.”

Let’s go through those numbers a bit.

According to the Augustine […]

PBS Showdown: Commercial vs NASA

Michael Griffin

Listening tonight to Bretton Alexander, President of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, debate former NASA Administrator Mike Griffin on PBS was a case study of sound bites versus informed opinion. I don’t write that to be harsh–it’s just my own personal observation.

While Alexander, who has a strong aerospace background, threw-out phrases […]