Live Blog Notice – Assessing Commercial Space Capabilities

For those of you who cannot tune-into the webcast of the Senate Science & Transportation Committee’s hearing on Assessing Commercial Space Capabilities, which is being held today at 2:30 PM EDST, we will be live-blogging this event.

In the meantime, here’s the witness panel:

  • Lieutenant General Thomas P. Stafford
    United States Air Force, (Ret.)
    Astronaut (Ret.)
  • Mr. Bryan D. O’Connor
    Chief, Safety and Mission Assurance
    National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  • Dr. George C. Nield
    Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation
    Federal Aviation Administration
  • Mr. Malcolm L. Peterson
    Former NASA Comptroller
  • Mr. Michael C. Gass
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    United Launch Alliance
  • Mr. Frank L. Culbertson Jr.
    Senior Vice President and Deputy General Manager, Advanced Programs Group
    Orbital Sciences Corporation
  • Ms. Gwynne Shotwell
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Live Blog – Assessing Commercial Space Capabilities Senate Science Committee Hearing