Zenit Rocket Returns to Flight With Israel's AMOS-4 Satellite

The Zenit-3SLB vehicle assigned to the AMOS-4 mission is readied for launch at Baikonur. Photo Credit: Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

Almost seven months to the day since the loss of a Zenit booster, which fell into the Pacific Ocean less than a minute after its 1 February liftoff, the Sea Launch international launch […]

Sea Launch Announces Findings Behind Most Recent Failure

Photo Credit: Sea Launch

Commercial space firm Sea Launch has announced the company’s findings into the Feb. 1, 2013, failure of Sea Launch’s Zenit 3SL rocket. According to Sea Launch, the rocket and its payload were lost due to a faulty hydraulic pump.


Failure to Sea Launch: Zenit 3SL Racks Up Another Loss - UPDATE

Photo Credit: Sea Launch

On Friday, February 1, a Sea Launch Zenit-3SL rocket experienced a malfunction shortly after lift-off that caused the rocket’s engine to shut down. This resulted in both the launch vehicle and its Intelsat 27 payload to fall into the ocean. Launch occurred on the Odyssey Launch Platform at 1:56 […]