Cassini Detects Changes in Titan’s Atmosphere

This artist’s impression of Saturn’s moon, Titan, shows the change in observed atmospheric effects before, during, and after equinox in 2009. The Titan globes also provide an impression of the detached haze layer that extends all around the moon (blue). This image was inspired by data from NASA’s Cassini mission. Image Credit: ESA


NASA Management & Reality

In a teleconference with NASA employees, as reported in Florida Today’s article, “Get with the program, Bolden tells NASA workers“, NASA Administrator Bolden made several statements that…well, looking at the numbers, just don’t add up.

One of the more bizarro claims was,

Explaining the decision to abandon Constellation, Bolden said that in the current “dire” […]

It’s Worse Than They Thought

Today’s Human Space Flight Review Committee, or simply the Augustine Committee, meeting was depressing…there’s no other word for it. What came out of today’s public meeting was a stark and honest assessment of just how far this nation’s space program has regressed and the impossible budgetary landscape in which NASA finds itself. Check out this […]

Incremental Steps Towards Beyond LEO Exploration

The following is my post to the Review Of U.S. Human Space Flight Plans Committee, commonly referred to as the Augustine Committee, or just the Committee. One of the subcommittees tasked with beyond low-earth orbit, or LEO, missions posted a document, Exploration Beyond LEO, and asked for comments.

Some, perhaps many, will disagree with my […]