Cool New Technology Will Allow Scientists to Work Virtually on Mars in 3-D

A screen view from OnSight, showing how scientists can meet together in a virtual 3-D simulation on the Martian surface. Such technology will allow scientists to better study features of interest and plan rover or lander activities. Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech

The rover and lander missions on Mars have been cool enough with their […]

MDRS Crew 137 Issues Final Mission Report

Photo Credit: The Mars Society Crew 137

The following is the final mission report of Mars Desert Research Station ( (MDRS) Crew 137 ( . A complete review of this year’s activities at MDRS will be presented at the 17th Annual International Mars Society Convention ( , which will be held August 7-10, […]

Retro Space Images: Lunar Rover Simulations

Photo Credit: NASA / Retro Space Images

Ground Based Roving: Apollo 15 astronauts Dave Scott and Jim Irwin spend time at the Lunar Rover simulator located in the Crew Training Building at Kennedy Space Center. Scott and Irwin are assisted by support crew astronaut Joe Allen, who would also serve as […]