Retro Space Images: Lunar Rover Simulations

AS15-0461-71P-448-7.25.71 Retro Space Images post NASA image Apollo 16 Dave Scott Moon Retro Space Images NASA image posted on AmericaSpace
Photo Credit: NASA / Retro Space Images

Ground Based Roving: Apollo 15 astronauts Dave Scott and Jim Irwin spend time at the Lunar Rover simulator located in the Crew Training Building at Kennedy Space Center. Scott and Irwin are assisted by support crew astronaut Joe Allen, who would also serve as CAPCOM during the lunar excursions. Photo was taken on July 25, 1971.

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    • Tom,
      Love that series. Did you know it was produced by the same folks who brought us: “In the Shadow of the Moon” ? Even the style of the series emulates ITSOTM. Great stuff.
      Sincerely, Jason Rhian – Editor, AmericaSpace

      • Hi, Jason:

        Didn’t know that bot ITSOTM was a great. Both are great visual additions to the many fine books written on the Apollo program. Thanks!

        • Trully excellent documentaries all, but my vote would have to go towards ‘Moonwalk One’ and ‘For All Mankind’!

          Also, did you know that there’s an Apollo 11 documentary called ‘Moonscape’, produced just last year, and exclusively funded by space enthusiasts? I found out about it quite by accident on Vimeo.

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