Three Days to 'Fight for Space': An Interview With Documentary Filmmaker Paul Hildebrandt

Fight for Space is a documentary film that explores the history of the U.S. Space Program, the NASA budget, and the future. (Photo credit: Fight for Space)

Last week, a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket soared into the clear night sky above Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. The grumbling […]

Retro Space Images: The Bleeding Edge ...

Photo Credit: Retro Space Images / NASA

The Technology of the Day: President Ford speaks with Apollo-Soyuz crewmen from the White House in July 1975. Ford uses a phone design unfamiliar to many today while watching the mission on a TV decked out in stylish faux-wood paneling.

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The Win-Lose of US-China Space Cooperation (China Wins; US Loses)

Would a partnership with China be beneficial to U.S. space efforts? Given recent alleged high-profile hacks of U.S. installations, the country’s poor human rights record, and a litany of other issues, the answer is probably “Bu.” Image Credit: NASA

Ten months after his first term inauguration, President Obama met with President Hu Jintao […]

Retro Space Images: ASTP Ascendant

Photo Credit: NASA / Retro Space Images

In the Spotlight — Xenon floodlights at Pad 39B illuminate the Saturn 1B rocket as it is prepared to launch the Apollo-Soyuz Tes Project (ASTP). This image was taken during the countdown test on July 2, 1975.

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Retro Space Images: Saturn Sunrise

Image Credit: NASA

Apollo Ascends — The Saturn V (500-Foot Test Vehicle) at Pad 39A in the summer of 1966. Just three years later, NASA would complete the challenge set forth by President Kennedy and land men on the Moon.


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Retro Space Images: The Ascent of Apollo 10

AS10-34-5115 The ascent stage of the Apollo 10 Lunar Module rises up from the Moon. Photo Credit: John Young / NASA

Remembering Apollo 10 — The Lunar Module “Snoopy” is shown in this rendezvous image taken by astronaut John Young aboard the Command Module “Charlie Brown.” Astronauts Tom Stafford and Gene Cernan had […]